Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beer #6 - Grimbergen

At the end of our day at the park golfing (see earlier post), we stopped at the Horse's Tavern near the Odeon Theatre and had a beer.

This place had beers from everywhere but I chose a Grimbergen blond (Belgium) on tap.

Again, a very nice, smooth, slightly sweet beer. I had no trouble with the pint serving (50cl) without feeling bloated. I'm starting to acquire a taste for this beer stuff.

Ignore the name on the glass. I guess they were out of Grimbergen 50 cl glasses. Ina ordered a smaller size and got an authentic glass so I know they have them:

PS (8/31) I ended up having a Grimbergen then next day at the Beer Academy. The blonde version is apparently called a Tripel. The one I had yesterday was 50cl draft; this was 33cl in a bottle. I love getting my beer served in a branded bottle :)

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