Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Impressions

Having finally arrived at the apartment, our first impression (actually my first impression) was that the apartment was rather small although I knew it was 90 sq meters (1000 sf). My wife thought it was about what she envisioned.

We both thought it was dingier than expected. It needed a lot of cleaning... it just didn't look as fresh as the pictures on the website.

I was feeling a little depressed. I couldn't imagine being in this place for 11 weeks. Actually, I was just really tired and, with a sore throat, feeling the onset of a cold. I crashed for about 3 hours in the bed upstairs.

After waking, I felt much better. No cold, just needed rest.

While Amanda set to cleaning up the kitchen and bathrooms and rearranging the furniture, I worked on setting up the computers so I could work. Internet connecitivity was absolutely crucial and I was concerned it might not work. After about an hour of struggling with the wireless feature, I got everything working.

Once we have the place cleaned up and decorated a little better, I'll post a video tour of the apartment.

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