Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flights were perfect and on time. Whew!

I am always nervous flying through Newark because the weather is so unpredictable it is easy to miss connections, which is a major headache when the connection is international.

I intentionally scheduled a 3 hour layover even though the next Paris flight was scheduled 1 hour after our arrival time. Just wanted to make sure that if our flight from Charlotte was late, we had some time to work with. Also wanted our bags to join us! Nothing worse as a traveler than arriving in a foreign country to find your bags did not follow you.

First class was quite impressive from the service ("Hello Dr and Mrs Bailey" --- haven't been called Dr in quite a while), to the 6 course dinner, unlimited drinks (including Glen Livet single-malt scotch!), fully reclining chairs, dop kit, frequent warm washcloths, personal mini-tv with over 40 movies and more. It will be SO HARD to return to "steerage" for future flights :)

Flight took off on time and landed 10 minutes early. Luggage appeared quick (apparently ANOTHER first class perk), customs was a breeze, our driver was waiting for us and off we were, arriving at the apartment before 11a, less than 90 minutes after the plane landed.

In fact, we were so early that the manager was not there to greet us and let us in!

Picture of Paris just before we landed. Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower are supposed to be in the picture but I can't find them either!

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