Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We redeemed a lot of my American Express Reward Points and got two roundtrip first class tickets on Continental from Charlotte to Paris (through Newark) leaving August 17 returning November 3.

Would have preferred direct flights on US Air but they are not AmEx travel partners so points were not redeemable with them although flights to Paris were very cheap back in April. It was tempting to just buy the tickets than use 200,000 points.

This is the first time Amanda and I have ever flown first class internationally and the few domestic first class trips I have made were upgrades at the last minute.

One BIG advantage of flying first class is you get three 70 lb bags each for free (plus two carry-ons). Normally you only get two 50 pound bags with a $50 penalty for overweight and $150 for extra bag. Do the math.

An 11 week trip requires a lot of planning and suitcases.

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