Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our New Friends Alex and Andrea

Frank and Dawn, our friends from the states who spent I think 6 years in Paris (their apartments are very close to ours) referred us to their Romanian friends Alex and Andrea who have lived in Paris for 20 years and live just up the road on Blvd St Michel.

Amanda arranged a friendly tennis match in the Luxembourg Gardens on Sat at 5p. I haven't played tennis in 7 years and my wife plays like 6 days a week back in the states.

I slept in after a late night at the Eiffel and then business issues until 3a!

After working on a Sat until almost 5, I met them for tennis.

What a fun couple they were.

We played friendly, but not very good, tennis for an hour. First Amanda and I played Alex and Andrea in a set and then the guys took on the girls for half a set before our time ran out.

Afterwards we went home and changed and met for dinner.

They introduced us to a nice local restaurant close to the Pantheon -- Les Fontaines (The Fountains) at 9 rue Soufflot. Alex and Andrea (and I should not neglect their son Dimitri, 11) both speak English and French, which was very useful.

After a cold plate of meats for an appetizer, I very safely selected chicken with potatos for my main course. We shared two bottles of red wine. I finished with creme brulee for desert. By the way, Andrea had steak tartare, otherwise know as RAW ground beef, mixed with onions, capers, and seasonings, served cold. That's right. RAW ground beef. Served cold, thank you very much. And she says she actually like it, she wasn't just showing off or practicing for Fear Factor. Right, Andrea.

Despite having to look at the Steak Tartare, the conversation was wonderful. Very easy couple to enjoy time with.

Even the server, Valerienne, while French, spoke good English, having spent a year in Denver, Colorado.

After dinner we were invited to golf (actually a driving range) the next day at noon. We would be joined by Andrea's sister Ina and her boyfriend Jean-Paul.

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