Monday, August 24, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away... and Other Random Pensees

Well, we woke up in the tropics this morning. How did that happen?

After yesterday's "Chambre de commerce" weather, we got the opposite today, with full sound and light effects.

It was clear for most of midday but the thunder and rain really picked up late afternoon and into the evening, possibly spoiling our walk tonight.

I worked most of the day.... so much to still do when I'd rather be photographing Paris. I had hoped to have most of it done before I left, but....

Got out around 4p to walk around... had to get out... fighting a little headache and general body soreness I think related to not adjusting to jet lag and sleeping in different bed.

Had beer and cheese at the Beer Academy while continuing to read my book on 40 stories from the afterlife (see later post -- not what you think), walked down Blvd du Port-Royal which divides the Latin Quarter (5 arr) from the 13th and 14th arrondissements to the south. It is only two blocks from our apartment.

A very pleasant walk indeed although many of the shops are still closed due to August holidays.

I saw the Val de Grace military hospital on the other side of the church I talked about yesterday.

One aspect that I guess I underestimated in coming here is the language barrier. I am a fairly social guy but it really is difficult to establish any connection when communication is so primitive.

I haven't watched any TV since we arrive last Tuesday, although I check the latest sports news on the internet. The TV in the apartment is old and primitive so I haven't even bothered.

Amanda took a tennis lesson at Lux Gardens today. Always a good way to connect since the local pros know everyone and can arrange for competitive friendly matches with other women.

Amanda's cooking steak tonight. Good thing the apartment doesn't have a smoke alarm right now!

Ok... dinner's over. Didn't even know I was gone did you? :)

Entrecote steak. Fava beans with artichoke. Croutons with pesto, garlic and mustard on top. Yummy.

It has quit raining. We can go for evening walk after I finish this and Amanda finishes dishes.

The two pills Amanda gave seem to have taken care of that headache earlier. Amazing how much physical well-being affects mental well-being, including outlook and motivation.

Amanda wants me up at 7a to walk 3 times around Lux Gardens. I woke up at 10a this morning which is my earliest yet. I don't know if I can fall sleep at 11 or 12.

We got news yesterday that one of our cats (we have 5 Burmese) is missing at home. (Only gone a few days and the housesitter has already lost a cat!) I'm sending emails to all the neighbors to be on the lookout. One claims to have seen him yesterday but didn't know it was ours.

Time for our walk around the south side of the Latin Quarter along Blvd du Port Royal to Rue Claude Bernard and back, essentially circling the Val de Grace military hospital. The central part of Paris is very walkable.

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