Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sex and Coffee?

As a businessman, I have been intrigued (and humored) by this picture since I took it on Rue de Sèze during my Opera to Concorde tour described previously. The more I think, the more questions I have.

1. Who was here first?
2. Was there a marketing strategy for the guy that was second?
3. Does the location hurt one and help the other? Help both? Help neither?
4. Does the same guy own both stores?!?!?! (Now THAT would be interesting.)

I'm sure you can think of more.

Surely there is a college research paper here somewhere (is it business or psychology or health?).

These might be a good starting point (just Google "Sex and Coffee"):

- Sex and Coffee
- Coffee 'boosts female sex drive'
- "The consumption of at least one cup of coffee per day was significantly associated with a higher prevalence of sexual activity in women and with a higher potency rate in men"
- Coffee is second only to sex on the priority list for both men and women.

The things you learn just wandering the streets of Paris!

There is also a list of reasons why coffee is better than sex but I will let my less delicate readers find it on their own. This is a PG-rated blog!

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