Saturday, September 12, 2009

3½ Weeks and No Television (almost)

We've been here 3½ weeks. The first 2 weeks, we couldn't get the TV to work right Then, when Cedric the Manager visited last week and showed us how it worked, we had television but there really wasn't much to watch. It also isn't much of a television.

The one exception was the 8p Wednesday night Obama healthcare speech to Congress (which came on at 2a Thursday morning here). I didn't exactly stay up to watch but I was up anyway. To be honest, I was actually searching for US Open tennis coverage of the quarterfinal match featuring the 17 year old American girl from Atlanta, Melanie Oudin. With the tennis match nowhere to be found, I ended up with Obama instead of Oudin. I think his speech turned out beter than her tennis (she lost 6-2, 6-2) so maybe it was just as well.

At first I found the speech on a French news channel but I had a hard time hearing Obama over the dubbed translation. Then I found it on BBC and then CNN World without dubbing.

All the other 50 or so channels seem to be in French including the only sports channels I could find (which did not include tennis.

In the age of the internet, this of course does not mean I am totally disconnected from the world.

I am able to watch internet broadcasts of both golf and college football and keep up with world and local news at,, (FSU Sports), and (Charlotte news) as well sports on and

But it does mean that I don't just idly watch television as I might in the states. I have to really want to watch something to make time for it, especially when you have to stay up so late to catch most programming.

And, given that I'm in Paris, when I'm not working, I'm sightseeing and there's not much on TV that's more interesting than that.

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