Friday, September 11, 2009

Amanda is Returning to US to Attend to Ailing Father

Amanda and Heidi received difficult news yesterday that their father was not doing well. He has been in declining health for some time but the recent news was more serious than we had anticipated.

Heidi was already scheduled to return home tomorrow (Sat) but, of course, Amanda and I had planned to stay until Nov 3. Indeed, my sister, her husband and two children are due in tomorrow and we have other friends and family scheduled to visit in subsequent weeks.

In something of a miracle, I was fortunately able to obtain a frequent flyer ticket for Amanda to return tomorrow also. Her return date is unknown at this point.

Obviously this throws some of our plans (and psyches) into chaos but that is the way life is. You play the cards you are dealt and, in this case, her father's health clearly takes priority.

I will remain in France unless or until circumstances require I return also.

Your prayers are welcome.

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