Sunday, September 20, 2009

Amanda Made It Back Safe but Tired

I went to bed at 5a this morning after the FSU-BYU game. Amanda's plane was due in at 6:10a.

I awoke at 8:40a and realized she wasn't here yet.

I checked the Air France flight status on-line but it had no information.

For a moment, I thought I heard pounding on the big green doors on the street which give entrance to our courtyard and thought maybe she forgot the code and had been pounding for an hour for someone to let her in!

I went upstairs to change so I could check but when I came down, there she was at the door to our apartment, tired but fine. It had just taken longer than normal to get through customs and baggage claim. Odd how I just happened to wake up minutes before she arrived. Almost as if married couples have a 6th sense about the other.

We both went back to bed. I got up at 1p and she's still in bed after 2p!

And we have a 7a flight to Biarritz in the morning.

Our body clocks are going to be so screwed up this week.

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