Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazing Little Flower Shop in St Germain

We were returning from our Cool Sunday Walk (see earlier post) and, as happens in Paris, we bumped into an amazing little boutique shop in St Germain (7th arr), in this case a flower shop: Olivier Pitou at 14, rue des Saints-Peres (this road divides 6th and 7th arrondissements).

According to this article in Hoosta Magazine: "Olivier Pitou is the king of rue des Saints-Pères, a figure that everybody knows here. Reputed florist, he just opened his luxury grocery store [l'Epicurie de Olivier Pitou]. There are quality products: from Prunier caviar, salmon, ham, variety of cheeses, wines and vintage dishes, quite expensive but delicious. Open late at night, this address is the new chic grocery"

I noticed the unusually bright deli directly across the street from the florist but didn't realize it was owned by the same guy. These two shops definitely stood out on the street.

I am apparently not the only one impressed with this flower shop. Check out these sites for more raves and pics. If only cameras could record -- and blogs transmit -- fragrances!

Halcyon is a cat's blog

Paris Breakfast

Americans in Paris (Scroll down... there is also a pic of Serge Gainsbourg house which is just around the corner.)

If I get a chance to check out the deli, I will let you know.

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