Monday, September 7, 2009

Apartment Manager Pays a Visit

As I detailed in an earlier post, we had some problems with the apartment that sort of festered for a while before we took matters into our own hands to fix the sink and got taken advantage of by a local plumber.

Well, Cedric the manager -- a much younger man than I had expected -- visited late Friday afternoon.

First, he delivered my Fleetwood Mac tickets (Oct 17) which I had ordered in the states but were not ready to be delivered till we arrived in Paris so they were shipped to Cedric's office.

I also gave him a copy of the invoice for the plumber. He confirmed what my friend Alex said which is that estimats must be given for jobs costing over 150 EUR, not 500 EUR as the plumber insisted. In fact, this law was written in plain Engl...err.. French right on the back of the invoice he gave us as Cedric pointed out. Cedric promised to reimburse the 423 EUR we paid and then have his lawyer contact the plumber.

He confirmed that the DVD player does not work and sent for a replacement which was brought over within 30 minutes except that it wasn't useful because the old TV we have does not accept traditional AV inputs, but instead requires old kind of adapter, so she left and said they would bring another.

I showed Cedric the springs that had fallen out of the couch and he was surprised, saying the last guest must have done it.

He showed me how to operate the TV and it turns out that it has several dozen channels that come in quite clearly, although all in French from what I can tell.

He showed Amanda how to operate the hot water heater (which is located on the wall above the counter in the kitchen) and now we have plenty of scalding hot water for showers.

He acknowledged that the cleaning lady had been overwhelmed by the task after the previous tenant and it had not been cleaned properly.

So, in any case, things are looking up.... unfortunately, it took 2.5 weeks longer than it should have, largely due to Cedric being on vacation and his assistants in the office not really being very responsive.

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