Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beer #12 - Heineken

Tuesday, we went to Notre Dame (Monday, we went to Coldplay and I had another Grimbergen Tripel, one of my favorites so far) and on the way home, stopped at a little italian restaurant (that was actually one of the more reasonably prices places we've been, especially for the Latin Quarter). The name slips my mind at the moment but I will look it up and post it.

They didn't have a large beer selection so I settled for an ordinary Heineken with my Penne Bolognese.

Whatever. It was ok, but lacked that special flavor. I don't know yet if it is hops or malt or what that gives the substance to beer but some of these beers taste like beer-flavored water.

Plus, it just wasn't the same without the branded glass.

This is Amanda, Heidi, and I having a little ice cream after lunch:

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