Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beers #7 and #8 (Tripel Karmeliet and Kilkenny)

Ok... I know this is getting old, but I am committed.

Beer #7 was a wonderful Tripel Karmeliet (or here in Dutch which you can translate with Google). Belgian beers oftenimes come in Singles, Dubbels, and Tripels (yes that is the correct spelling), which refers to the amount of malt, and therefore the alcohol content. More malt, more to ferment, more alcohol. Read about it here:

Dubbels and tripels generally have rich malt aromas with raisiny or fruit esters. Tripels may even have a citrus-like essence, with mild to moderate clove spiciness. There should be no detectable signs of butterscotch or diacetyl. They may have a balance of moderate hoppiness, or may only have a faint touch of pleasant bitterness. There should be no roasted malt aromas.

Dubbels are generally a dark amber to rich brown in color. Tripels mimic tones from golden sunlight to the rich amber of a topaz gem. The head retention varies, and may be adversely affected by the high alcohol content. Tripels, however, are usually highly effervescent, without disturbing the smooth body feel.

This beer was out of bottle rather than on tap, but it was still quite good.

Beer #8 was last night at WOS Bar, which does not serve Belgian beers but has a wide selection of other international beers.

I had a Kilkenny, an Irish Beer. It was dark so the picture didn't come out well (despite Alex's best effort to light it up with his iPhone screen!)

It was ok but not as great as the other Belgian beers I have gotten spoiled by.

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