Sunday, September 6, 2009

Charlotte Hornets Jacket in Paris

Yesterday, while walking through Luxembourg Gardens with Amanda, Heidi, and Stephen, I notice a young man (of course, with two young women) sporting a Charlotte Hornets jacket.

The Charlotte Hornets were a professional basketball team from 1988-2002 in Charlotte, NC, our home town, before relocating to New Orleans. The logo for the New Orleans Hornets was slightly modified so I am quite certain this is a jacket from the Charlotte franchise.

What are the odds of seeing such a team jacket in Paris on someone who would have been an early teen at best when the team existed?

Oct 2 Update

Walking out of our apartment on our way to see Elton John I noticed another Charlotte Hornets jacket on a student at the high school across the street.

In talking to him briefly, I saw it was definitely a Charlotte Hornets (rather than New Orleans Hornets) jacket. He said it was his brothers.

Now, comparing to the first picture, I can see it looks like the same kid and jacket.

He definitely has it going on with the girls, huh?.

Must be the jacket.

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