Monday, September 7, 2009

Coldplay Tickets

Coldplay performs tonight (Mon, 9/7) in the Parc des Princes stadium..

I have known this for some time but the concert is sold out.

During our walk up the Champs Elysees yesterday, we happened by the humongous Virgin Megastore, which sells concert tickets.

They claimed to have 98 tickets at 84 EUR each but the seats were on the side of the stage. We thought the price was too high for the location.

We continued up the street and happened upon FNAC. I went to their ticket line, waited behind a girl who was picking up concert tickets, then asked the man if he had any Coldplay tickets and said they were sold out. Then the girl who I had been waiting behind said she had just picked up two Coldplay tickets for her and her boyfriend who unfortunately (for her) was stuck in New York City and she didn't really want to go by herself.

She showed us the tickets which were upper level end zone on the other end of the stadium. Ok, at least a straight on view but a long ways away (the stadium seats 49,000). Face value was 68 EUR each. She was happy to sell them for 50 each. Win-win for everyone.

Two tickets down. Now I need two more.

The plan is to show up early and see what we can scalp. Rather not pay more than 50 EUR each.

I saw Coldplay in Charlotte last month and was terribly disappointed. Yet all the reviews (both "official" and unofficial) were that the concert was great. It was at an outdoor amphitheatre (Verizon) and I had lawn tickets and sat about as far back as you could sit. The music was such a low volume we basically just talked the whole time without difficulty and left early. There was just no energy to the show or the environment.

Given that I am the only person in history (apparently) to give Coldplay a bad review, I figured I should give them another chance.

If they can't impress me in Paris (where they are immensely popular), then I guess I will just have to give up.

I will let you know (of course).

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  1. Good coincidence every one is happy with that deal of cold play tickets.