Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heidi, Stephen, Amanda Leave; Linda, Joe, Zachary, and Zoe Arrive

Amanda left early this morning on an 8:25 flight. Stephen and Heidi left for their 12:30p flight after a fun week.

My sister Linda, her husband Joe, and their children Zachary and Zoe are arriving now for their two weeks, although they will be spending the second week in the soutwestern French resort town of Biarritz, which actually lies in Basque territory, normally known for its association with northern Spain.

Amanda and I were planning on joining them for 4 days in Biarritzbut those plans are now up in the air due to Amanda having to return home to attend to her ailing father.

Plus I now have to figure out how to operate the combination washer/dryer which takes 3 hours to wash, then 2 hours to dry the tiniest of loads.

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