Saturday, September 19, 2009

iPhone Dead

Today, inexplicably, my iPhone suddenly displayed a message that I could no longer send or receive phone calls and to re-sync with iTunes. I tried rebooting but it would only display a graphic indicating I needed to resync and would not allow any access to any of the applications.

My iPhone has been indispensable in Paris. The Paris2Go Street Maps (with GPS) and Paris Metro apps are used everyday. I have data roaming turned off to avoid exhorbitant data fees but if I am in a wi-fi zone, I have full internet capabilities, including email. While text messages are $.50 a pop, it is worth it when used selectively. (If I am at the apartment, I can send text messages to the US for $.11 and then receive replies on my phone.)

When I got back, I re-synched but iTunes could not recognize my SIM card. I went up to the local Orange store just down the street (Orange is the brand name for France Telecom's mobile and internet services.) They could not fix the problem.

I called the ATT Store in Charlotte (using Skype) where I bought the phone and they referred me to the Apple Service Center in Charlotte who in turn referred me to AppleCare's main support number.

After a 30-minute phone call trying everything including a restore, they concluded my phone had experienced a hardware failure and the only solution was to replace my phone.

One problem.

Apple cannot ship US iPhones to France. I assume it's a contractual issue with their French partners.

Instead, I need to ship the phone back home, have someone exchange it for me, and then either ship it back to me or bring it to me.

My plan is to ship it back home where my daughter can exchange it in the Apple Store, then give it to Brittain to bring to me when she arrives next Monday (Sep 28).

So, it looks like I am without my iPhone for about 9 days.

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