Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leak in the Ceiling

As I was sitting at my desk early this morning after Amanda had left and Stephen and Heidi were packing, I noticed water on the floor behind my chair. I looked up and saw small droplets of water forming at a small crack in the ceiling and then dropping to the floor

I called Cedric the Manager who called his own plumber this time (read earlier post on previous plumbing problem) and will supposedly be here by 2p.

For now, the water has stopped dripping. I took a shower reluctantly for fear of starting it again but it has remained dry. I could try running the shower or sink in the other bathroom (which I suspect triggered the leak earlier this morning; that is the only sustained water flow that would have been running in the apartment at the time) but I think I will just wait until the plombier gets here.


Postscript: Plumber showed up about 2:30. He did not speak English but my brother-in-law speaks decent french. The plumber ended up re-caulking the lining of the drain pan in the shower figuring water must have seeped between the pan and the wall. We will continue to monitor.

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