Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Moose Canadian Bar

Today I tried a new bar, The Moose, a Canadian bar in St Germain just north of Luxembourg Gardens. It's an easy 10-minute walk.

Unlike WOS Bar, they have a full menu. They also have 11 TVs and show 4 NFL games on Sunday.

And today they had a cute bartender working lunch which certainly doesn't hurt.

Lauren is from Brooklyn and her story is classic cliche.

She came to Paris 5 years ago to finish her final year of college, majoring in French and International Relations.

Got a job as a bartender.

Dated a French guy, violating the #1 rule of bartenders worldwide -- never date a customer.

Still here.

Still a bartender.

Engaged to French guy.

Getting married to French guy next year.

Living in a one room 330 sq ft studio apartment at $1000/mo!

Finishing her master's in Political Science, which will permanently establish her credentials as a bartender in Paris. I mean what's more interesting than talking Politics and International Relations with your bartender.

In her defense, her fiance is apparently stupid smart, finishing his PhD in neuroscience and she said he it not your stereotypical French womanizer. Then again she is from Brooklyn so she is not your stereotypical American woman (if there is such a thing)!

Now I know I made that sound perhaps a little too pathetic but cliches become cliches for a reason and she seems quite happy with her validation of this one. And I suspect there are more than a few American women who wouldn't mind becoming cliches themselves. I thought the story was fun.

Ironically, the one thing she said she misses most about America is the food, although she does love the paninis here (I have to agree)! What she likes about Paris is the quality of lifestyle -- less frenetic, although compared to Brooklyn, anything would seem peaceful.

Speaking of food and drink, I had Scapa for a little apertif which was nice. I haven't had a single malt scotch since I arrived in Paris. That was followed by my first burger -- The Works -- in Paris and a Newcastle Brown Ale on tap. Yummy. The pecan pie with vanilla ice cream wasn't a bad finish.

After spending a few hours dealing with my iPhone issues, I returned for dinner to also watch the Florida/Tennessee game which started at 9:30p in Paris. Turns out there is a large contingent of Florida students in Paris where the university has a partnership with a local college. I'll probably be back tomorrow night for NFL games.

Great location. Full menu. Different selection than the standard Belgian beers (although there is nothing wrong with Belgian beers!). Lots of TVs. Friendly English-speaking employees.

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