Monday, September 7, 2009

Palace of Versailles vs Biltmore Estates

The Palace of Versailles, the center of political power in France for about 100 years (1682-1789) during the reigns of Louis XIV through Louis XVI, lies about 12 miles outside Paris.

The Biltmore Estates is a large French Renaissance home built by George Vanderbilt in the late 19th Century just outide Asheville, NC, only a couple hours from where we live.

Both are tremendously large "homes" and I was wondering how they compared.

As it turns out, it really is no comparison. You can research further details yourself but the basic fact is that Versailles appears to be about 3 times larger than Biltmore and contains many more objects and features.

Square Footage - 551,000 to 175,000
Rooms - 700 to 250
Staircases - 67 to 13
Fireplaces - 1,250 to 65
Painting - 6,123 to 185

The only statistic that Biltmore appears to win is acreage of land, approximately 8,000 today (originally 125,000!) to 1,800.

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