Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stupid Airline Rules

Both of my daughters - Christina and Angela - as well as Christina's boyfriend and one of her girlfriends were scheduled to visit Oct 10-18.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend had to cancel.

Angela was then told she could invite a friend and I would just switch the names on the ticket, which was purchased with frequent flyer miles.

When I inquired about switching the names on the ticket, Continental informed me that the procedure is to cancel the first ticket and redeposit the 50,000 miles back into my account then re-purchase the second ticket with those miles. There is a $150 fee to cancel/redeposit the first ticket, which I was aware of and prepared to pay.

The problem, however, is that the seat that was being held by the ticket no longer qualifies as a frequent flyer seat at the standard 50,000 mile ("Saverpass") level. It only qualifies at the 100,000 mile ("Easypass") level and I am not willing to pay the extra 50,000 miles.

It is absurd that simply switching names on a ticket is not possible. I can understand the cancel/change fee but once the seat has been paid for, you should be able to switch the name of the passenger on the ticket.

I checked the surrounding dates but there are no longer any frequent flyer seats available and, unless they do come available, my daughter's friend will not be able to come.

How stupid.

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