Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tired of Working. Time to Have Fun.

It has been a relentlessly busy week because of work. Since Tuesday, it seems like I have been doing nothing but sit in front of my computer and take brief breaks to stop by the Beer Academy. Not what I had planned. I had hoped to have all this done before I came to Paris.

No more... time to enjoy Paris. I'll work when I find the time.

Heidi and Stephen arrived yesterday and now I get to play a little.

Amanda, Stephen, and Heidi all worked together to cook stuffed cornish hens for dinner last night. They all assisted each other in consuming several bottles of wine. At least they acted like they had consumed several bottles of wine.

But the food was yummy. Amanda is doing well working her way through her Provence cookbook.

Then after 10p, we met Alex (new friend from last week I talked about in last weekend's posts) at a new bar -- WOS Bar -- near the Pantheon on Rue Saint Jacques.

While Amanda and Stephen and Heidi left a little after 12 (they were understandably tired), Alex and I hung around till 2a. I had beer #8 to be posted soon and we had great conversation. I always love expanding my perspective by listening to the challenging experiences of others around the world. As Americans, we live in something of a bubble and while I am reasonably well-read on international affairs, there is no substitute for talking to people who actually live somewhere else.

Alex and his wife Andrea are from Romania and left soon after communism fell in 1989 and have lived in Paris for 20 years. I never spent a lot of time thinking about how wrenching that transition had to be for so many eastern europeans.

WOS Bar has three things that will cause me to switch from the Beer Factory:

1. It is an International Bar (formerly Australian Bar) and all employees must speak English
2. They have Wi-Fi so I can use my iPhone or MacBook Air to connect to the internet
3. They show NFL football. They are even working on Monday Night games (which would be broadcast at 3a on Tuesday morning here!)

This could become my new office!

Unless.... I go to The Highlander instead, a Scottish Pub I was told about at WOS, located just on the left bank near Pont Neuf. They already show Monday Night Football.

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