Monday, September 14, 2009

A Visit to the Doctor

My sister Linda woke up with a sort throat this morning.

So did I but it was because I was at a bar till 2:30a trying to have a conversation over the band! I always wake up hoarse with sore throat.

In Linda's case that was not the problem.

While she and Joe and Zoe (Zach was at school) toured the Champs Elysees, I stopped by my friend Alex's office for advice on medical care and how to obtain a prescription.

He said we had two options: go see a doctor or have a doctor come see us. He referred us to the Institut Arthur-Vernes at 36 rue d'Assas, 75006 Paris if she wanted to go to a clinic and SOS medecins if we wanted a doctor to visit.

When she returned from their tour today, she had stopped by a pharmacy who had provided a paper with a list of doctors.

I referred her to the clinic Alex recommended, which we determined from their website closed at 7p. It was 5:45p and she made the 15 minute walk to the other side of Luxembourg Gardens and returned at about 6:50p.

She had a very short wait, paid 22 EUR for the doctor visit and 14.50 EUR for three prescriptions (amoxicillin and prescription strength ibuprofen and acetaminophen).

And the doctor -- a woman -- even provided free political commentary against Bush and the Republicans and in favor of Obama! :)

Linda returned and pronounced "Go Socialism!"

I have to admit this was pretty impressive. A visitor from another country walks into a clinic and with virtually no wait pays about $55 for a doctor visit and 3 prescriptions. That's less than many Americans co-payment/deductible.

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