Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday is Workday

Had a nice dinner last night at Le Vin Sobre just around the corner with Alex and Andrea and Heidi and Stephen.

I had stayed up Monday night till 7:30a, slept till noon, then joined Heidi and Stephen at Notre Dame (post upcoming) before returning for a couple hours work before dinner.

Actually went to bed at 11p and got up at 9a.

Heidi and Stephen are going to Musee Orsay today while I catch up on work (and maybe have time to catch up on this blog with posts about our weekend activities at Versailles and the Louvre).

Amanda and I had nice little picnic lunch at Lux Gardens first and now I'm settling down for a relaxing afternoon in the apartment just me and my pc.

Tomorrow is Giverny, home of Monet's Garden, and then a burlesque show (!) - Gentry De Paris Burlesque Revue at Casino de Paris on Rue de Clichy. That is going to make for an interesting blog article.

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