Monday, September 14, 2009

Where to View the Venus de Milo From Outside the Louvre

When visiting the Louvre on Sep 6 with Heidi and Stephen and Amanda, I noticed the windows in the hall where the Venus de Milo was located looked out into the Cour Carrée courtyard which is freely accessible through gates on all four sides.

Satellite View:

When I returned this past Sunday during my walk around the right bank with Linda, Joe, Zach and Zoe, I was determined to locate the windows from the outside.

I found them.

Both windows have highly reflective glass. Although I was able to see in, the lens of the camera simply captured the reflection. I tried putting the lens directly against the glass, but the auto-focus would not engage which prevented the shutter from operating. I solved this problem by switching to manual focus.

I took one picture from each window. The original pictures (here and here) were very dark and the Venus de Milo was faintly visible. With a little digital editing I was able to lighten the photo so you can see the statue, although it is somewhat grainy. Because the windows are double-paned, you can see the reflection from the second pane of both my lens as well as the courtyard. Because I had to put the lens flush against the window, I could not obtain a direct view but I still think they are pretty cool pictures.

View from the right window:

View from the left window:

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