Friday, September 11, 2009

Zachary to Attend Lycee Lavoisier on Monday

Upon returning from Montmartre late this afternoon, I stopped to talk to several girls outside the school. They all spoke English so I explained my plan to have my nephew Zachary, who is 15 and arriving tomorrow with my sister, spend a day (or more?) attending their school next week.

One girl thought it was possible and said I should talk to administration. Not knowing my way around the school, she escorted me to the office of a gentleman and explained (in french) what I wanted.

He smiled and spoke fine English (he is married to an Australian) as we further discussed the plan (while the girl returned to her friends). He thought it would be quite beneficial both for Zachary and his students. The school is for ages 15-18 so Zachary just qualifies for the first level.

The gentleman was Andre Poveda and he is apparently 3rd in command behind the headmaster and whoever is second in command (vice-headmaster?). I believe he primarily functions as what we might call the dean, who is under the principal and vice-principal. He provides both discipline and positive counseling. He struck me as way too nice of a man to punish someone though. I certainly don't think the students are afraid of him.

He made a quick phone call and then we walked down the hall to the office of the headmaster, a tall slender man who quickly said "no problem," the only English I understood.

I told Andre I needed to contact my sister and see if Zachary would be interested and that I would call him back.

I quickly went back to my apartment (which took all of 30 seconds since it is literally across the street) and called Linda, who said Zachary would love to do that, and the sooner the better so that he might meet some friends for the week.

So, we have arranged for Zachary to attend this French High School on Monday. Andre (Monsieur Poveda?) will be waiting at the gate at 8a.

Well. That was easier than I thought. Took all of 30 minutes to arrange.

Maybe now we can find Zach a cute french girlfriend for the week. I think he might have quite a selection of girls interested in showing the new American boy around.

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