Thursday, October 1, 2009

Balenciaga Fashion Show (Catherine Deneuve Sighting)

This week is Fashion Week in Paris, not that I knew that before today.

Today was another one of those serendipitous Paris moments in which I just stumbled onto something interesting through no credit of my own except for the fact that I keep putting myself in places where good things keep happening. (I think there is a life principle in there somewhere.)

I certainly didn't plan on meeting Catherine Deneuve when I woke up this morning.

Ok, I didn't actually meet Catherine Deneuve but I did see her up close and get her picture... sort of. Of course, I didn't know it was her at the time but I did find out later tonight.

The original plan for the day was to catch a boat for a Seine-St Martin Canal river cruise at 9:30a just across from Musee D'Orsay. Unfortunately, the cruise did not run today -- broken boat -- so we had to change plans.

We decided to go to Montmartre since Brittain and Brandon had not been yet and Amanda and I could walk some of the back streets.

First, however, we walked over the nearest bridge to Place de la Concorde and then towards the American Embassy which is located just off the northwest corner of the plaza and right next to the Hôtel de Crillon, one of the oldest luxury hotels in the world. (It was also occupied by the German high command during the World War II occupation of France!)

As we approached, we noticed quite a crowd of people outside one of the front entrances to the hotel, many of whom were obviously photojournalists covering some event.

We positioned ourselves on each side of the entrance among the throng and began snapping picture of whoever the professionals were snapping. The last picture was taken by Brittain on the other side of the entrance and shows your truly playing paparazzi (look carefully...I'm on the left with camera held vertically covering my face in black leather jacket and purple shirt).

I had no idea who anyone was but figured I would find that out later. There was a nice italian guy next to me who spoke English who identified them for me but I didn't have time to write anything down. I did ask him what the event was and he said it was the Balenciaga Fashion Show. I asked him to repeat it about 5 times and then finally spell it as I typed it into my iPhone.

I found two sets of wire images for "Balenciaga - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 - Arrivals" here and here. By comparing these images to mine I was able to figure out who was who. You can compare their images to mine. (For pictures from the fashion show itself, click here.)

Proabably the two most famous arrivals I saw were Catherine Deneuve and Lily Cole. I had obviously heard of Deneuve but not Lily Cole. (Apparently Rihanna was also there but I missed that.)

(There are two problems with the following pics: 1) I was not always in the best position and 2) my Nikon D80 is having problems with overexposure.)

Catherine Deneuve (I can't believe this was the best I could do)

Lily Cole (back of head shot... nice, huh? If I had known who she was, I would have gotten a better pic)

She arrived with her boyfriend Enrique Murciano, best known for playing SA Danny Taylor on Without A Trace (Brit's pic).

Marie-Josée Croze (French-Canadian actress Amanda thought for sure was Claire Danes, who apparently is here)

Amira Casar (British-born French actress)

She arrived with Pascal Greggory, a French actor (Brit's pic).

Carine Roitfeld is the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue (Brit's pic, I'm rubbernecking in upper left hand corner).

Mathilde Agostinelli (in pink) and guest (in my favorite outfit) (Agostinelli is Prada Executive with impressive Paris home who recently married fashion photographer and posed with Deneuve but I missed it)

Jeanne Balibar (French actress... note Amanda standing just to her right)

Marena Galanter, French actress and former beauty queen

Mademoiselle Agnès is a French TV fashion columnist (right picture is Brit's)

The following pictures I think are either actresses or fashion executives but I haven't identifed them yet. Can anyone help? Amanda's favorite outfit is the first one, which is Brit's pic.

Paris Fashion Week lasts through next week. This is the schedule. I am definitely going to see if I can sneak into an "invitation-only" event. :)

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