Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bowling In Mouffetard

After Brittain left last weekend, she sent me a text indicating that there was a bowling alley in Mouffetard, a old, lively, popular district in the 5th arrondissement, known for its market, restaurants and cafes.

Sure enough Bowling Mouffetard exists, albeit only 8 lanes two stories underground after you exit the main road through an arched passageway at 73 Rue Mouffetard.

Amanda and I took a brief visit after lunch yesterday and I took the following picture with my iPhone. This is not a serious bowling alley with leagues and such; it is clearly designed purely as entertainment along the lines of putt-putt and and other arcade games.

I did a little more research and there are additional bowling alleys in Paris, including one right across the street from Pere Lachaise Cemetery and another a block from Montparnasse Cemetery.

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