Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brittain and Brandon Arrive (with my new iPhone!)

I've known Brittain since she was 18. She is now 23.

She worked at a pizza pub I used to hang out at for lunch everyday and we became friends.

Brandon is her boyfriend of almost 2 years.

When we planned this trip back in the spring, I offered her the opportunity to join us and they did, arriving Monday morning after much anticipation.

Also, after I sent my broken iPhone back to the US for replacement (see earlier post), Brittain picked it up from my daughter and brought it with her, saving the cost of shipping it back to Paris.

After a few hours of syncing and reloading applications, my world is now back to normal. I don't know how I survived without my iPhone Paris2Go and Paris Metro apps except that I spent 4 days in Biarritz where they were not needed.

As is now becoming customary with our new guests, we first took them for a walk around Luxembourg Gardens. In this case, we also had a picnic, buying paninis and wine at the boulanger (bakery) around the corner.

Later Amanda fixed another one of her amazing dinners from her Provence cookbook and we took an evening walk down to the Seine River via Blvd St Michel and then over to Notre Dame.

I think Luxembourg Gardens for a lunch picnic and then a walk to the river to bask in Notre Dame again is about as perfect a first day as one could have in Paris.

Also, the weather since we got back from Biarritz last Thursday night has been perfect... low 50s at night and mid 70s in the day, with occasional cloudiness.

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