Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brittain and Brandon Leave; Christina, Angela, and Kent Arrive

Brittain and Brandon left this morning after two pretty good weeks I think. :(

I stayed up all night to catch the 2a kick-off of the FSU-Georgia Tech game so I was already awake when they got up at 5a to get ready to leave for their 8:35a flight out of Charles de Gaulle.

My daughters and one boyfriend were originally due to arrive at 7:35a but missed their connection in Newark and were able to catch a later flight which got them in at 10:10a and to the apartment by 11:30a (which allowed me about 4 hours sleep).

Amanda and I went to the Prince concert while they walked up and down the Champs Elysees on what was otherwise a pretty overcast, drizzly day weather-wise.

This will be 6 consecutive weeks of visitors before Amanda and I get to be alone for the final 2.5 weeks.

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  1. brutal game, eh?!? Mom and I went to the game... Disappointing... There was something going around before the game about wearing black if you wanted bobby to leave, or white if you wanted to stay. The man who exclaimed publicly that he wanted Bobby Bowden to leave was the grandfather of one of my classmates. Sitting on the 13th row on the fifty yard line, we could see all the action.