Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paris Break Dancers

One of the benefits (or curses?) of visiting a large city like Paris is running into street performers. Sometimes it is a musician in the metro or in front of a cafe, or a painter on the street, or a comedian near a monument.

Other times it is break dancers in a plaza performing pretty impressive gymnastic dance routines.

(Of course, the hope for all of these "entertainers" is that you will throw a few coins in the hat at the end of the performance.)

Brittain took a few videos of some break dancers last week. I think you will find them pretty entertaining. The first one is almost 5 minutes long but it is worth waiting to the end to see the guy slide across the pavement on his head (ok, he did have a helmet on but it was still pretty crazy).

The other two are at the Trocadero across the river from the Eiffel Tower (which you can see in the first video at the end as the dancer slides into the group photo of some Indian tourists -- the photog was not amused) and are 70 and 39 seconds long, respectively.

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