Monday, October 19, 2009

Paris Weather

We chose September and October both to miss the August tourist peak and to take advantage of the mild weather.

Unfortunately, the weather is getting a little TOO mild for our taste.

The average high temperature for the first 10 days of October ranged from 62 to 77 degrees which was very nice. What I didn't realize is that was 10 degrees warmer than normal. In fact, the 77 degrees on Oct 7 was a record for that day by 8 degrees!

The last 9 days however have returned to Paris normal, which means an average high of about 54 with an average low of 41. This included a low of 33(!) on the 15th, which also was a record by 6 degrees for that day.

So this month we have experienced a record daily high and daily low by significant margins.

The average high for the remainder of our trip will drop from 52 to 48 and the low will drop from 41 to 38.

Compared to Charlotte, where we are from, Paris runs 8-14 degrees cooler (with the biggest differences in the summer months) but during the winter, Charlotte's lows are about the same as Paris. Each city's average winter lows are around freezing but Charlotte gets about 8-10 degrees warmer during the day, probably due to more sunshine during the winter months.

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