Friday, October 9, 2009

The Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat

Last night, Brittain and Brandon treated us to an exquisite dinner at La Truffiere in the Latin Quarter (review upcoming).

During dinner, Brittain returned from the bathroom with a wide-eyed look of astonishment. She wouldn't tell us exactly what it was but said we had to check out the bathroom.


This is a very small fine dining restaurant with maybe 8 tables upstairs and 10 downstairs. How big or nice can the bathrooms actually be? Paris restaurants are not in the habit of using up valuable dining space to make room for toilets which are usually tucked away in some obscure cellar.

She wasn't talking about big or nice. She was talking about the toilet. More specifically, the toilet seat.

The seat is self-cleaning.

At the appropriate time (how is that for delicate phrasing?), an arm juts out slightly from behind the toilet seat, latches onto the back of the seat and then rotates the seat 360 degrees, cleaning it in the process for the next, uh, customer to sit on.

This is the video Brandon took using my iPhone.

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